Palo Verde Boat Tour

Palo Verde is a National Park located in Costa Rica, in the region of Guanacaste. This is one of the most visited national parks in the whole country and also one of the biggest national parks.

In this National Park you will find several amounts of activities for you and your family. Thanks to the high amounts of activities, your trip through Palo Verde will be unforgettable.

If you go to this amazing and beautiful national park we strongly suggest you to take the Palo Verde Boat Tour. A tour designed to visit every important location in the park by boat.

Is the tour good enough?

Palo Verde Boat Tour 2

The Palo Verde Boat Tour offers you the best opportunity to visit the whole national park and its remarkable locations.

Every single location that you visit using this tour is magic and completely different to the other locations. Thanks to this, it makesthe tours one of the most amazing experiences that you could ever have.

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Palo Verde Boat Tour
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